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Catfish the fat problem with online dating

That turned out to be as fictitious as it sounds and so was “Marq”.

Anthony fell in love with pictures of a hot male model, but “Marq” was really a fat black dude missin’ a tooth. Dorion was an average Joe in love with “Jezsica,” a Vanessa Williams-looking urban model.

Turns out Dee lured a lot of women to her house by pretending to be the famous rapper.

Mike was in love with Caroline, a beautiful redhead who couldn’t see him because she was battling colon cancer. “Caroline” was a perfectly healthy woman named Heather who’d been stalking Mike for months.

But turns out, Rob was more into dudes than he thought and told Ebony he just wasn’t interested.

Sunny was so in love with Jamison that she stole him from her sister.

Jasmine loved Mike, but she probably should have Skyped with him before falling head over heels.

“Mike” wasn’t his real name and “he” was actually a “she” — her former friend Mhissy.

So Mhissy Catfished Jasmine with “Mike” to steer her away from her man.But as it turned out, “Jezsica” was far from a model: just an average chick who’d used an urban model’s pictures to con a bunch of men on the internet. Jen was a small-town girl in love with another highschool student named “Skylar.” Only, “Skylar” was really a 30-something named Brian who liked to lure young girls into relationships with “Skylar”‘s pictures to “improve his game” and poor Jen went home heartbroken.Mike was in love with a beautiful blonde named “Kristen” for 4.5 years, but she was too nervous to meet up with him — even though she only lived an hour away.But Caroline turned out to be kind of superficial and painfully dumped Mike after she found out he was fat too.Yes, a girl thought she was dating Lil’ Bow Wow, even though he’d never Skyped with her or met her in person. But we weren’t expecting the man she’d been falling in love with to be a woman named Dee Pimping.

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When Nev finally introduces Sunny to "Jamison", he turns out to be a girl named Chelsea, who originally created the profile for revenge on a former friend.

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