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Citation information and details pertaining to internal consistency are included in the downloadable documents below (click on links below to begin download).The SMMS measures the motivations that individuals may have for using Social Networking Sites (SNS).

These temptations are especially difficult for recently separated lovers and teenagers, and we see a fair number of these people in our office after that have gone a little too far on the Internet.If a restraining order is in place, contacting someone through email constitutes communication with him or her and may be deemed a violation of a restraining order.Even if that restraining order was issued in another state, under the Violence Against Women Act and the full faith and credit provisions of the Constitution, a protection order issued in one state must be enforced in another state.Cyberstalking is a serious crime, and if you have been accused of this crime you need an experienced and aggressive attorney to represent you.Cyber or Internet Stalking Internet stalking involves sending someone emails or hacking into his or her computer with the intent to harass and stalk him or her.

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We also hold an annual CRUW conference in April at which our Ph D students get to showcase their current work and we have had a number of fantastic keynote speakers discuss their research including Dr Chris Stiff and Dr Masa Popovac.

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