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Dating of turkana boy

Body hair may also have been thinner to hasten cooling.

The shape of the pelvis identifies that the specimen was a male.In equatorial Africa, modern humans evolved this trait an estimated one million years ago. Turkana Boy had a projecting nose rather than the open flat nose seen in apes.The skeleton still had features (such as a low sloping forehead, strong brow ridges, and the absence of a chin) not seen in H. It also partly reflects the fact that the picture of human evolution looks somewhat Several human fossils dating 800,000-400,000 years ago are controversial.They are classified as Homo erectus by some researchers and Homo heidelbergensis (a later human species) by others.

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The pelvis is narrower than in Homo sapiens, which might indicate more efficient running, whether to run down small game or to avoid predators.

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