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It didn't take me long to decide that I could multitask and take another group through the same box. I was exhausted, but I knew (due to time) that I should start right away. Unfortunately for me, the most distracting and frustrating moments for both parties happened on each of their respective “last nights.” The second party, with minimal time, was able to get through the Beginner Box.They went to the closest game store to purchase dice, and when that store had a terrible selection (as some small town stores do), they found a different one. One group played at nights whenever we could sleep in the next day, while the other group would play the mornings on those same days. It was in Columbus, Ohio, that their story, with me at the helm, would close.They were so excited about the growth of their characters, the story that was unfolding, and NPCs that they loved to hate. We had a four hour bus drive from Fort Worth to Austin, and we were ready.We hopped from one location to the next playing games.You can imagine how hard it is to pack up the necessary equipment for Pathfinder as well as preparing for a two month away-from-home endeavor, but we made it work.We arrived at the airport, received quizzical looks for having a map sticking out of my backpack, and were stopped by airport security to search my bag of d20s. I sat down at our first official game in Fort Worth, TX, and felt prepared.

If you are not clear about the time frame in which you plan to play, someone will come and kick you out of your beautiful playing space.

They heaved a sigh of relief, giggled slightly, and showed me a nice room where we could play.

Preparing encounters was easy, but I wanted the environment to be pristine.

It is now “Dragons and Things,” and we play a homebrew campaign live on Friday nights for our dedicated, wonderful fans.

I am also blessed by playing Yukon Cornelius in the national tour of “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, the Musical,” based on the the ani-magic movie, every November and December. However, the drawback to having these two exhilarating jobs is time constraints. But this year, I decided to combine my two worlds into an experience I will never forget.

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