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– Modélisation de l'utilisateur et recherche coopérative dans les systèmes de recherche d'informations [Modelling of the user and co-operative searching in information retrieval systems] (Lang.: fre). – Organisation des connaissances et expertises chez les usagers [Organization of knowledge and inspections for the end users] (Lang.: fre). – Wissensorganisation und -repräsentation mit digitalen technologien [Knowledge organization and representation using digital technologies] (Lang.: ger). – Theory growth in information science: applications of the theory of science to a theory of information seeking (Lang.: ). – In: Information Processing & Management 34(1998)1,p.87-94. – In: Organisation des connaissances en vue de leur intégration dans les systèmes de représentation et de recherche d'information / ed. – In: Information Processing and Management, 36(2000)2, p.207-227. – In: Information Processing and Management, 36(2000)2, p.229-251. – In: Information processing and management, 38(2002), p. – Real life, real users, and real needs : a study and analysis of user queries on the Web (Lang.: eng). – Users' interaction with World Wide Web resources : an exploratory study using a holistic approach (Lang.: eng). – The challenge of commercial document retrieval : Part I: Major issues, and a framework based on search exhaustivity, determinacy of representation and document collection size (Lang.: eng). – In: Information processing and management, 38(2002), p. – A system for organizing situational knowledge in the workplace that is based on the shape of documents (Lang.: eng). – In: Information Processing Management, 35(1999)1,p.45-99. * Part I: Cross-disciplinary conceptualizations of access. – In: Tudomanyos es Muszaki Tajekoztatas, 45(1998)8/9,p.331-343. – Information Seeking in Context and the development of information systems (Lang.: eng). – Available at paper67»» Report on the conference Information Seeking in Context (ISIC'98) - Sheffield – 198Spink, A. – Trends in analyzing access to information (Lang.: eng). – Informaciorogzites es visszakereses heterogen kornyezetben [Information recording and retrieval in a heterogeneous environment] (Lang.: hun).

– Representaciones léxicas : procesamiento y reprecusión sobre el conocimiento bilingüe [The processing and impact of lexical representations on bilingual knowledge] (Lang.: spa). Glasson, Patricia A.; Roeder, Randall F.; Ward, Suzanne M.. – A non-classical logic for information retrieval (Lang.: eng). – One Title, Hundreds of Volumes, Thousands of Documents (Lang.: eng). in: Journal of the American society for information science 39(1988) p.161-176Rijsbergen, C. – In: Readings in information retrieval San Francisco : Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, Inc., 1997. The University of Iowa became a partner in this collaborative pilot project, and its cataloging staff used the Purdue template and procedures to create records from the CSS for individual documents from two years in the 1890s. – Automatisierung der Sacherschliessung mit Semantic-Web-technologie [Automation of subject cataloguing using semantic web technology] (Lang.: ger). – A study of information seeking and retrieving : I. – In: Readings in information retrieval San Francisco : Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, Inc., 1997. Purdue staff used those records to barcode their own corresponding CSS documents before sending those volumes to Google for scanning. – In: O-bib: Das offene Bibliotheksjournal, 2(2015)4, pp. – Available at Saracevic, T., Kantor, P., Chamis, A.

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Theoretical framework and research design (Lang.: eng). – Information-seeking and mediated searching : Part 2. – In: Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, 53(2002)9, p.704-715. Cognitive styles in information seeking (Lang.: eng).