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Kulturistas online dating

After way too many delays, countless mock ups and ideas, the new Webdesigner is finally here!

This was an incredibly complex redesign process for the entire WDD team but we’re extremely proud of the results and we hope that you love it as much as we do.

When clicked on, this opens a mini browser that allows you to navigate through the current article, like browsing through the table of contents of an e Book.

You can also share the current article via the mini browser, or see related articles, as well as reading the next and previous posts.

This was the best compromise we could find to integrate those older posts into the new look of the site without retrofitting hundreds of posts!

The new site is now fully responsive and looks great whether you’re on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

Some of our latest posts are already partially retina ready and some will carry this in the future.Under the name of Brand Nu he works with leading household brands.Since the original WDD website design, he has gone on to working with Goldman Sachs, Bacardi, Blistex, London Film Museum and many more.So here’s what’s new in this design: While the old design had a traditional blog layout, with the latest posts always appearing on the top, the redesigned version is a hybrid between a magazine style and a traditional blog layout.We find that this works quite well for our content.

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