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The islands were once know as the islands of 'Saints & Scholars'.Dún Aonghasa, a fort dating back to the Iron and Bronze Ages can be found on the largest of the 3 isles, Inis Mór.The West of Ireland - home of Galway, Connemara, Mayo, Clare and the revered Croagh Patrick.A rugged coastline, splintered by the Atlantic's timeless persistence, is peppered with peninsulas, ports and tiny islands.Currently only 1% of the Republic of Ireland speak Gaelic.[Up to 1834] [After 1834] [Staff] [Inmates] [Records] [Bibliography] [Links] The 1725 edition of An Account of Several Workhouses reports workhouses in operation in the Northampton parishes of All Saints and St Peter.The building was designed by George Gilbert Scott who was the architect of many other workhouse buildings including ones for the nearby Kettering and Oundle Unions. After 1930, the workhouse was taken over by the Northampton Borough Council and renamed St Edmund's Hospital which continued in operation until 1998.

Their earnings altogether amount to about £85 or £90 a year.One pint of beer is allowed to each adult at bread and cheese meals. [It] was, as I had expected, very comfortable, so much so, that the inmates, old and young were allowed bread and meat five days in a week, and the only work was sweeping in the streets, which was done in the usual idle style; it was capable of containing 70 people; there were about 40 when I visited it, 12 women (one or two of whom had come there to be delivered of bastard children), eight children, and about 20 men, most of whom were old, crippled or idiotic.Them was a separation between the sexes, and a difference made in the treatment of the impotent and the able-bodied, but every man in the house was allowed 3d. The notion of making the workhouse a place of discipline, seemed never to have occurred to any one, the object being rather, as they told me, to make the poor comfortable.The children are taught to read, and at 12 or 14 are bound apprentices, generally to some of the northern cotton manufacturers, till they are 21; and girls at a proportionate age sent to service.The Workhouse was not originally designed for the purpose to which it is now applied, and is therefore in some respects very inconvenient.

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From the early 1900s, workhouse children were placed in a number of houses around the west side of the town known as scattered homes.