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This is known as a precognition and its findings are recorded in the Register of Corrected Entries (now the Register of Corrections Etc (RCE).

A cross-reference to the RCE is added in the margin of the related entry in the Statutory Register of Deaths.

If you find an entry with an RCE reference check below the statutory register image for the link to an image of the RCE page.

Analyses and tables of cause of death data are published in the annual reports of the Registrar General for Scotland.

From 1965 onwards the occupation of the spouse (and later civil partner) and of the mother of the deceased have been recorded This page from the statutory register of deaths for the registration district of Drainie in Morayshire provides examples of how the information recorded can help with your family history research. In cases of accidental, sudden or suspicious deaths the cause of death may not have been established in that time.

So far as we have identified them, 2 for sure, 2 possibly, they were: Since the current transcriber was only interested in William Hay, nine of the twenty-four poems have been left out of this file.

'Tis the land where witches and warlocks, Wi' Satan hae played mony pranks; 'Tis the land o' the Elgin Cathedral, And the " Bishop o' Moray" John Shanks. Thou hast found in thy Chan'ry the ashes O' many a hero and peer, King Duncan and Nebuchadnezzar, And thousands that never were there. 'Tis the land where Macbeth met the witches, (And aften I've met them mysel',) At the time when he speered at the limmers, "How far is't to Forres," come tell? We pray for a blessing on thee; May thy lasses be good and be bonnie, And thy loons be wise and be free; May piety, plenty, and learning, Oh! ye Morayshireeners, Drink, drink to our Father-Land.

My witches, unlike those of Shakspeare, Had no beards, at all, on their chins; But were strapping, braw, good-looking hizzies, Weel made, and weel set on their pins. 'Tis the land o' the parish o' Birnie, Where prayers in the kirk, they declare, Three times, will or end you or mend you The Ronnell Bell also is there, Which no power on earth can remove frae The kirk where so snugly it lies; But back to its ain native parish Like an arrow o' lightning it flies. 'Tis the land o' the well o' Saint Mary, And the well o' the Braemou, in which When bairns we were a' douk'd thegither, To take aff the ill e'e o' a witch. Chorus Elgin and Forres an' a', Forres and Elgin an' a'; Hurra!

Nowhere is there better meal nor cheaper corn, not from scarcity of money, but from abundance of soil." If Morayland was worthy to be spoken of in such highly approving terms an hundred years ago, when agriculture was scarcely in its infancy, when oxen were exclusively employed to break up the fallow-ground, and by far the greater proportion of the country was a wild unreclaimed waste, to what amount of praise is Morayshire now entitled when her agriculturists are eminent land-improvers when thousands of productive acres have been recovered from the stagnant marsh and the receding sea-beach, and the ploughshare has invaded our morasses and our mountain tops, and, by the aid of modern science, converted into valuable arable land and waving forests, the most sterile, unpromising regions. George Edwards the Town's Drummer goes round the town at five in the morning to call people to their work, and at nine in the evening, to remind them of supper and bed.

George and his father have officiated in Elgin since the year 1768, now upwards of 80 years.

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Corn, the earth pours forth in wonderful and never-failing abundance.

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