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Do you still remember that I've received a DHL express parcel all the way from Hong Kong not too long ago?If you have forgotten or didn't know anything about it, just click on the link here if you want to refresh your memory.The design really attracts a lot of people, young and old, but still it comes down to a question, is it a good lomo cam?I did some test shots with this lomo cam and you can see some of the results below.

After that I just simply pop the back of the camera body back on and press the shutter release and advance the film to the next frame.El Capitán ("the captain", "the chief") was taken to be a loose Spanish translation of the local Native American name for the cliff, variously transcribed as "To-to-kon oo-lah" or "To-tock-ah-noo-lah".It is unclear if the Native American name referred to a specific Tribal chief, or simply meant "the chief" or "rock chief".The advance knob at the corner of the camera along with the shutter button next to the film exp indicator.It doesn't complicate the users with the simple design panel of every single parts that completes the camera.

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For more info, do check out sure is a hot babes magnet because this girl kept posing for my camera instead of posing for those photographers with big DSLR cameras!

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